N to Tail is a Korean-Japanese Fusion restaurant located in the heart of Portland Maine. Featuring family style Korean Barbecue downstairs, Korean-Japanese fine dining upstairs, and new bars located on both levels.

Korean BBQ is a fun interactive way to experience Korean Cuisine. On the Korean BBQ level there is a raw kitchen which provides a wide variety of marinated meat and vegetables. They are then brought to your table raw where your server will teach you the Korean BBQ grilling process. Each table has a grill built into the center to cook your selections on. The best part? Your food never comes out cold since you can eat right off the grill!

Don’t feel like cooking for yourself? You can enjoy Korean cuisine without all the work on our top level too. Offering Korean small plates or “banchan” and larger entrees with recipes pulled from regional Korean style cuisine. With top quality seafood selections and fresh high quality ingredients you will want to order every item on the menu.

N to Tail uses locally resourced food to create Korean-Japanese small plates, and entrees. Whether you are looking to come experience our different small plates available up stairs or try out your Korean BBQ skills you are sure to have a night to remember.