Korean BBQ Menu



Small Dish
Shumai $6

Oyster Kimchi $5

Spicy Cucumber Salad $5

Green Salad $3

Seaweed Salad $5

Miso Soup $3

Edamame $5

Sam $5

Korean BBQ Grill

Jumulleok means Hand Marinated in sesame oil sauce


Prime Strip Steak jumulleok $10

Ribeye Steak jumulleok $12

Filet Mignon jumulleok $12

Lamb jumulleok $10

Kalbi Short Rib w/ Maple Syrup soy Marinade $12

Flap Meat w/ Spicy miso marinade $7

Cow Tongue $7

US Kobe Beef Short Rib w/maple syrup soy marinade $16

Kobe Beef Sirloin  w/maple syrup soy marinade $25

Iberic Neck $10
Iberic Chunk $13
Grobuta Belly $7

Chicken Breast $5
Whole Quail $6

Oyster $3
Salmon $5
Scallop $6
Shrimp $5

Grilled Vegetables
Zucchini $3
Broccoli $4
Mushroom $4
Sweet Onion $3
Steamed Cabbage $3
Vegetable Medley $6

Fuji Plate for Two $65

Two miso soup, two green salad, oyster kimchi, jumulleok prime strip steak, kalbi short rib, flap meat, chicken breast, grabuta pork belly, shrimp, vegetable medley, and sam

N-to-Tail Plate for Four $135

Four miso soup, four green salad, oyster kimchi, two jumulleok prime strip steak, two kalbi short rib, two flap meat, two jumulleok lamb, two chicken breast, two grabuta pork belly, shrimp, scallop, vegetable medley, and sam

Dipping Sauces $3
Spicy Miso Marinade, Maple Syrup Soy Sauce,
Ginger Mustard, Ponzu

Winter Vegetable Bowl $10
Dehydrated seasonal root vegetables are rehydrated while cooked with white or black rice